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visa application form


Visa Application


Visa application is only possible via E_VISA website :

Notes for registration:

- Make sure you choose the correct Place of Issue. Otherwise it will not be possible to issue your visa at this Embassy.

- Please read the guidelines regarding the requirements of the Photo and the Passport. The dimension should be 600*400 for photo and 900*613 pixels for the passport.

- You should complete the visa process through Google Chrome.

 - You can check your application status on that site with reference number.


Documents required for the visa:

- Original passport (valid for at least 6 months)

- A print of the visa submission form (pdf file).

- For the passport holders other than the Greek passports, proof of living in Greece such as copy of the Residence card.

- A copy of valid travel Insurance

- Receipt of Visa fee (payable to Account of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of IRAN ):

ALPHA BANK: 110002320009976



- Passports should be valid for at least 6 months and contain two blank pages for the visa.

- Foreign experts and businessmen who travel to Iran for a limited period of time for economic, commercial and industrial purposes , has to do the process by the counterpart / host / sponsor in Iran (This process must be started through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Islamic Republic of Iran).

- Taking fingerprints of citizens of EU Countries, Canada and USA is required.

- Visa Fees are not refundable.


Contact Information:

Tel: 0030 - 6741436 – 6741783 - 6741937

Fax: 0030 2106747945



Working hours of the Consular Section:

Every day except holidays, from 9:00 to 13:00  


Address of the Embassy:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Athens




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Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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